Black Friday Early Deal Alert: Monoprice Large Driver Bluetooth Earbuds for $15!

While waiting for the Fry’s Black Friday 2016 Ads to hit, we’ve taken a peek at some of the deals that Monoprice is currently running and came across an amazing deal on some bluetooth in-ear headphones. Such a good deal that one of our editors went to the Monoprice shop and picked up some headphones this morning to test them out.

Monoprice Large-Driver Bluetooth® Earphones

Monoprice, if you don’t know, is the worlds most popular supplier of high quality, low cost cables and computer accessories. Seriously, if you need a microUSB cable for your cell phone for 72 cents they are your go-to shop. Monoprice is currently offering their highly-rated housebrand headphones at 25% off for a limited time. That makes these highly rated headphones less than $15. Over 50 Monoprice customers have rated these headphones an average of 4.5 out of 5 with an impressive nearly 90% of the customers saying they would recommend them to a friend.

I was so impressed by this deal that this morning I went down to their factory store and purchased them myself. Here’s my unbiased review of these headphones.

  • The bass on these are impressive. The large driver really shines. If you like bass-heavy music then these are amazing headphones even at 2-3x the price. However, they aren’t too heavy that other types of music gets the clarity drowned out. I tried these headphones with a mix of hip-hop, rock, country, and about an hour of podcasts and they excelled in all areas.
  • Pairing is dead simple and the buds include a play/pause button, volume and mic all built in. Charging is via standard microUSB and playtime is around 5 hours or so, more than enough for most workouts or chores.
  • These headphones are lightweight and come with multiple tips for all ear sizes. I’ve got a weird ear shape and I usually run one bud size larger in my left ear than in my right. These come with 3 different sized tips so dialing in that fit is easy.
  • Also included are sport clips for holding them on top of the ear if you are planning on doing some high-activity sports. A nice plus.

I really like these earbuds. I looked into some of the Bose earbuds that Best Buy is planning on doing for Black Friday for $39, but for less than half the price these were a no brainer.