Looking for Fry’s Cyber Monday deals? Get the promo codes now.

We’re still not sure what Fry’s will be doing for Cyber Monday 2014, but if it’s anything like Black Friday, they’re probably going to be using promo codes again. Due to the nature of how Fry’s runs their newsletter, you need to sign up today or tomorrow at the latest to be able to get any of the Cyber Monday deals.

As we previously covered in our “What the heck are Promo Codes?” post, Fry’s is requiring customers to sign up for their newsletter in order to receive special promo codes that are used in-store and online. These promo codes are unique to each email address and are only for the specific items mentioned in the email. That means no sharing codes with your friend if you also want to buy something in the ad and it means you can’t use previous codes.

One major issue that people ran into this year is that the promo codes aren’t sent instantly. When you sign up you need to confirm your email and after it’s been confirmed it can take 24 hours until you get your first email. Cyber Monday codes will be likely sent on Sunday night so if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, your last chance to do so is today and tomorrow or else you might miss out on all the deals this Cyber Monday.

You can sign up for Fry’s newsletter by visiting their website. You can also sign up for the Fry’sBlackFriday Alert List on the left menu and we’ll send you an email the instant the ads are released.